Make sure both you and your business are fully prepared to sell - and get top dollar - before you go to market.

Are you:

Overwhelmed About Selling Your Company?

Concerned That You Don’t Know What To Do Or Where To Go For Help?

Worried You Won’t Sell For Enough?

Afraid To Even Start?

Tired Of Everybody Telling You To “Get Ready To Sell” - When You Don’t Even Know What That Means?

Anxious That You Won’t Get The Price You Want (Or Need) For Your Business - The One You Need To Sell For?

Hi I’m Eric Gilboord.

Having worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses just like you, I’ve had thousands of conversations with Owners about their personal and business challenges and needs. I got to be really good at getting inside their head. Understanding your pain.

It became clear, over the years, that as an Owner you typically have little or no experience with selling a business. This causes you a lot of worry and frustration. You built a successful company, usually from scratch, and enjoyed the ups and downs over 2, 3 or 4 decades. Never thinking much about the end of the journey. Age creeped up on you and our conversations turned from growing the company to selling it.

You had no experience and fear of the unknown is paralyzing. Or you think it will be so easy to sell you can just jump off the running a business path and onto the selling a business path. FYI Not even remotely true.

Getting good help to sell is not easy and this fuels your frustration even more. There are very few real resources to turn to. Business Brokers might make some superficial suggestions to get ready for sale but are only interested in the actual transaction.

I evolved my company, for you, from marketing and management consulting to WarrenBDC a business that specializes in preparing both you the Owner and the business for sale and then selling it for you. My conversations with, writing for and public speaking to Owners evolved into a business transition focus. After several years of working with hundreds of Owners and speaking with thousands more (a steep learning curve to say the least) the idea of the courses came about. I combined my years of experience with business selling, writing a book and hundreds of blog posts on selling a business, deep understanding of the business Owner mindset and clear objective to help you sell your business for as much as possible and with the least amount of pressure on you.

If your goal is to sell your company for as much money as possible and on your terms we are on the same page.

That's exactly why I created

Sell Your Business 4 More

I help seasoned Owners sell their business with as much ease and for more money by getting them and the company exceptionally well prepared for the selling journey.

I'm here to:

Eliminate overwhelm by helping you become very familiar with the selling process.

Provide detailed step by step actions to prepare you and the company.

Help you increase company value to sell for more, and get the price you want.

In the Sell Your Business 4 More program we'll be going through the 4 courses together.

Here's a sample lesson from one of the courses:

4.4 Teaser And CIM - Confidential Information Memorandum

As part of the listing process and in order for your Intermediary to be able to provide good and accurate information to a prospective Buyer, they will need to assemble the following information. Starting your work now and being ready for the Intermediary is key to selling faster and for more.

NOTE: All lessons are in text and audio format.

Through the 4 courses you'll:

Gain clarity with the selling process and get more comfortable enough to take the leap.

Identify all challenges and areas of improvement within your company.

Solve all challenges within your company. Improve profitability and bottomline.

Increase company value regardless of if you end up selling or not.

Determine if you are really ready to sell.

Determine if the company is really ready to go to market.

Determine if your anticipated timing to sell is realistic.

Prepare all the documentation you will need well in advance of requests.

Sell your business for more. - at least 10 X the cost of this program!

PLUS get these bonuses!

One hour of one on one coaching with course developer Eric Gilboord

$300 value

Access to monthly virtual Lunch and Learns.

$500 value

"I Trust Eric to Help Me Get the Right Things Done at the Right Time."

"I have been working with Eric for a while now and find him to be second to none when it comes to guidance, coaching, planning and overall depth of business knowledge. In previous coaching experiences, I was often left feeling intimidated, dumb, or 'unheard' especially if my thinking didn't line up with their cookie cutter plan. After working through things with Eric, I often feel energized and confident and will look forward to our next discussion. I have NO reservations in trusting him to help me get the right things done and at the right time to make my business more valuable."
~ Doug Cooper, CEO / Owner at World Water Operator Training Company Inc., Windsor, Ontario


Just 1 x payment of $497 !
There's literally NO RISK with our 30 Day 100% 
Money Back Guarantee.

Every day you wait is costing you money.

Work With Your Guide Eric Gilboord


Sell Your Business 4 More

A step by step approach to prepare the business Owner and the company for a successful sale. You have questions, we have answers. All delivered quickly and easily in text and audio format.

Language: English

Instructors: Eric Gilboord

C$497 excluding GST

Why this course?


Selling a business is difficult enough and most Owners have never done it before. This is likely the single most important sale you will ever make and being prepared is key. As an Owner you've dedicated 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years to nurturing and growing your company.

This is the final step, selling the company. If it were me I'd want as much help as I could get. I would prefer the lessons be easy to understand and delivered in bite sized chunks. All lessons in our program are presented in text form and as an audio format.

In the Sell Your Business 4 More program we'll be going through the 4 courses together.

Each course addresses a different aspect of the process for getting your company ready for sale and the selling component.

Step 1 Is an overview of the current state of business selling and offers a unique perspective for Boomer age Owners.

Step 2 Is designed to help Sellers deal with the many personal challenges that come with selling your company.

Step 3 Focuses on the Company and the many elements that need to be thought about and addressed if you wish to the improve value of your business and present it to Buyers in its' best light.

Step 4 Is dedicated to the documents and company information you will need to produce and facilitate for a Buyer to purchase your business.

Course Curriculum

Questions You May Be Thinking About

Will this 4 course program work for me?

If you are prepared to do the work it will work.

Can I control the timing of the courses?

The courses are completely self-paced and you can start and stop at any time PLUS you get access to the monthly virtual lunch n’ learns to help you stay motivated and moving forward.

What if I decide it’s not the right program for me?

There is NO RISK with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Do I need to buy all 4 courses at once?

You'll save almost $600 purchasing all 4 courses together PLUS you get access to the monthly lunch n learns (that you don’t if you purchase the courses individually) AND a 1 hour coaching call with Eric.

Is this going to be too much work for me? I still have a business to run.

The courses have been designed to include the internal and external resources you may already have working for you or will bring on. This is a team sport and you are meant to include others. You are not alone in the program.


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